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Toll Processing Services
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                                                                    Services We Provide:
Pacific Crest 4, LLC aka Tivus Brand offers Toll Processing Services which includes the creation of most dabable products including crumble, diamonds, badder, budder, sauce, shatter, sugar, live resin, fresh frozen products and an array of any other products you would like us to create including crude oil. We also offer a rush program when needed to accommodate clients.

Many clients are taking advantage of the best tasting concentrate on the market today which is live resin. The product itself has full-spectrum terpenes. The plant is frozen upon harvest and maintains the maximum terpenes that create a flavor profile that is unique to fresh frozen. We also process most other bio-mass raw materials, including trim, small nugs, large nugs, whole plant fresh frozen and bucked fresh frozen. We strive to meet our client's needs as we know our client is the most important aspect of our process.
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    Now You Know Us Pacific Crest 4 has strict guidelines concerning hiring procedures. Our extractors are thoroughly vetted to ensure that they have the ability to create the desired concentrates that are custom made for each client. Only seasoned master extractors are hired for the extraction management team.


To insure that our clients feel confident in every run of concentrates, our standards are met that we have developed through our four point terpene preservation plan. Our detailed set of operating procedures guides our every move when it comes to concentrate production and provides the framework with which our products are created.

Our proprietary methods of extraction produce unique, full-flavor extracts that are representative of the starting strain. We employ liquid solvents in a close loop system to filter, isolate, and refine the full spectrum of cannabis oil and concentrates that are rich in terpenes and high in cannabinoids. The methods used increases the flavor and experience in each batch. Additionally, we work with growers to ensure the manner of harvesting is most condusive to producing the best concentrates.
Our Mission Statement
Our Goal is to maximize the profit potential to our clients. At Pacific Crest 4 all activities revolve around the client's needs. We understand the importance of a client. 
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