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Tivus is a California-based cannabis brand that specializes in sourcing, cultivating and extracting rare, exotic and hard-to-find strains from all over the world.
Our Products

Globally-sourced, locally grown flower.

Tivus sources rare and hard-to-find strains from around the world and grows locally in California. We use only pharmaceutical grade nutrients throughout all of our cultivation practices.

Rare and hard-to-find strains.

We cultivate sativas, indicas and hybrids strains using only 100% ultra-pure, reverse osmosis water in our eco-friendly hydroponic system. Tivus sells 3.5g and 1g sizes in dispensaries across California.

Expertly pressed concentrates.

We process all of our own concentrates and extracts in-house and feature rosin, bubble hash and dry sift in 1g and 0.5g sizes in dispensaries. Coming soon: Shatter, Sauce, Distillate, High-THC Oil, Crumble/Wax

About Tivus
We believe that our lives are defined by moments that stand out from the rest. 

Moments where you break out of your day-to-day and experience something truly worthy of the word "awesome".

This spice of life comes from all four corners of the Earth, and cannabis is no different.

That’s why we look across the oceans and to the overlooked parts of our own nation to find those rare strains and cannabis experiences that can only be described as…exotic.
How We Cultivate
Exotic Strains
We aim to specialize in cultivating rare, exotic and hard-to-find strains from across the globe.
Respecting Strain Purity
Instead of cross-breeding whatever strain we feel like, we carefully breed pure strains from their original source to artfully create new, and unique varieties.
Experienced Cultivators
Tivus's founders have over 20 years of cannabis cultivating experience.
Pharmaceutical-grade Nutrients
We use only the best, pharmaceutical grade nutrients – they’re environmentally friendly and contain no chemical additives.
Responsible Cultivation 
Thanks to our hydroponic system, we’ve drastically reduced our water usage by up to 75% and, overall our operation produces almost zero waste.
Ultra-pure Water
We use only reverse osmosis water that is 100% pure before we add our nutrients.
Management Team
Chris Shepard
Chris Shepard is the Founder, President, and CEO of Nationwide Capital Group, Inc. Chris began acquiring properties shortly after graduating from California State University, Fullerton in 1988. 

After graduating with a Bachelor's Degree in Business Finance and an emphasis in Real Estate, he first began working for a real-estate developer in Orange County, California, as a Land Acquisition Specialist. Shortly thereafter, Chris began brokering commercial real estate on properties in excess of $1,000,000 each. 

Chris's interest in the cannabis industry was a natural fit as he had amassed properties that made for perfect cultivation centers. With this in mind and with a team in place, in mid-2017, Chris set out to start Tivus with the goal to cultivate and sell some of the finest cannabis California has ever seen.
Matt Bryant - Operations Manager
Matt Bryant has been at the forefront of the Cannabis industry since 1996. Matt has been a pioneer in dispensary ownership, marketing and branding, and has set up well over 100 cultivation sites. He has led vendor sales teams across multiple platforms and revolutionized the pre-roll industry. 

Matt's experience in the California Cannabis industry ranges from San Diego all the way to Shasta county. He has been involved in indoor, outdoor, greenhouse, and depo cultivation projects. 

Matt has a passion for exotic Cannabis and enjoys crafting commercial cannabis in small batches that highlight the terp profiles of each strain. 
Stay tuned to for more amazing genetics you don't want to miss!!
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"The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes."
- Marcel Proust, French Novelist